Saturday, 4 March 2017

Stage 2 - 101ironman

The structure of 101hero is built by plastic. It is not a problem, the structure of the pylon also very solid. The main issue is on the two triangle plates and the six diagonal push rods (arms). The material of the triangle plates is too thin and can easily bent. During printing, the whole printer will shake that make the pylon move and the arms also curved and loose the contact with the ball joint. The above two movement can make the nozzle out of its original position by 1-2mm that create wavy print. Even worse, it create missing step problem to the weak motor and create shifted layer. No matter you want to further evolve the 101hero, you should fix the structural problem.

Top and Bottom Plate

Andy Berger replaced the top and bottom plate with 2mm aluminum plate (

Some people just use superglue with wood bar.

My solution is insert 6 aluminum bar into the gap of the pylon. You can use any method you like, just to make sure the distance between the 3 pylon is fixed and will not move during printing. This upgrade cost me $0 as the aluminum bar is the remaining parts from my old curtain.

Diagonal Push Rods

Stefano Marcon replaced it with the carbon fiber arm.

Other people use elastic band or light weight springs to pull the arm to the ball join

Elastic band by Stefan-Gautsch - Spring by David Leeds

I am using the idea from David Leeds who glued a 2mm carbon fiber rod to the arm and attached weak springs to them. This upgrade cost me $4 for 4 x 1 meter carbon fiber rod and $1 for 8 springs. I just used one rod and still have 3 remain. This solution provide similar improvement as the carbon fiber arm but much less in cost.

For the remaining carbon fiber rod, you can also use them to strengthen the structure of the triangle plate as what David Leeds did (

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