Sunday, 5 March 2017

Stage 3 - 101spiderman (Part 1)

101hero is using direct extruder that is mounted directly on top of the hotend. Filament is tightly hold between the wheel and roller. The wheel is rotated precisely by the stepper motor to pull the filament into the hotend. However this setup increase the weight of the moving parts that limit the printing speed as more momentum need to be solved when changing direction.

With the bowden extruder, we can remove the stepper motor and the filament door from the hotend assembly. The weight of the moving parts can be reduce to 75g from 135g. A the result, we can have a more accurate prints at higher speeds. If we want to upgrade the hotend (like E3D-v6), bowden extruder is nearly a must. Although Nef Lopez have the solution to put the E3D-v6 hotend into the existing direct extruder, it is not an easy task. (Click here for details)

If you don't have another 3D printer that can print precise parts, you need to purchase the extruder set. Otherwise, you can print your own kit using the design from Dan Delaney ( I myself using the below kit

I tried to use the existing motor with the conversion mount but fail because the 28BYJ-48 don't have enough torque to drive the bowden setup and eventually a NEMA 17 take the place.


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