Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Stage 4 - 101pyro

Many 101hero users have problem with their hotend, including hotend not heat up, cannot reach to desired temperature, under extrusion etc. Upgrade to better hotline (like E3D-v6) may resolve most of those issues. Here is the strip down of the 101hero hotlend. The heating elements only provide 15W power that is not capable to raise the temperature of the hotend to over 210C

The nozzle of 101hero should only be used in 3D pen but not in 3D printer that need precise position and flow. The nozzle of my 101hero is oversized and ellipse in shape.

I recommend E3D-v6 as hotend upgrade. It is widely used in many 3D printer and you can find many low cost clone product in Amazon or eBay.

Thanks Matt Dolan (workshoptinkerers) who designed a E3D printhead carrier for 101hero and you can now download the STL file from thingiverse (, I am also using this carrier. It is well design and perfectly fit to the 101hero.

I highly recommend to use the above carrier. Just in case you cannot print that carrier, you can consider using hand made carrier that I had built before Mattew Dolan launch his design to thinkiverse
There are two prerequisite condition before upgrade to E3Dv6. One is Bowden extruder and the other is a power supply with at least 5A output. Let's do some simple calculation on the power consumption. E3Dv6 hotend with 30W heater need 2.5A and four 28BYJ-48 motors need 1.6A that already add up to 4.1A. However I recommend 7A one to prepare for the NEMA motors upgrade in the future. 


  1. I know you've done quite a few more improvements I saw in our 101 Hero Unofficial FB group, so I am looking forward to updates to this unofficial diary, or maybe just some more info about the 101Superhero. :)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. The evolution of 101hero was planned to stop after replacing the motors for pylon. I was forced to replace the controller to RAMPS because the stock controller get burnt. Anyway, the RAMPS provide better control and more feature to the 101superhero. I will add one more chapter if time allows.


  3. could you give me the firmware for ramps 1.4 to change the stock for cause that burned